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Tips for keeping your mobile phone info safe and secure

One of the major concerns of most of the people these days is to keep their personal information safe and secure on their mobiles. The mobile phones have become very common and we use them to save all the important information details. One of the major problems with saving your information in the mobile phone is that your information is always at the risk of being stolen. There are several hackers around the world that are trying to steal your information from by entering into your phone. The expert hackers do not take the risk of entering a civilian’s phone but there are some hackers that target the civilians to steal their personal information so they can use it for some illegal purposes. You need to protect your phone from such kind of hackers otherwise, they’ll affect your personal profile badly. Usually, people use different types of passwords to protect their personal information from others. The problem with the basic locks and passwords is that they are easily breakable and the hackers can easily steal your personal information from your mobile phone if you have not added any further security to your mobile phone. There are several ways that can help you protect your personal information from the hackers. If you have lost a phone that wasn’t password protected, you can use the handyortung online kostenlos to track your phone. Here are some important tips that will help protect your phone’s information.

Password apps

There are several password apps that are designed by the expert ethical hackers. These apps help you protect your information completely. Nobody will be able to access your personal information if you have installed the reliable app on your mobile. These apps provide you the opportunity to apply the password to the apps that have very important information in them. Some of the apps are designed with some latest features and they send you a quick alert if someone is trying to break the password.


You should install an antivirus app on your mobile so it may examine everything that enters your mobile. Most of the hackers enter your mobile phone by sending a virus to the phone. The virus takes control of the entire phone and it enables the hacker to steal your information from the phone. The antivirus software is designed to prevent such kind of attempts. The antivirus software immediately shows an alert if there is a virus in an incoming file.

Fingerprint lock

The fingerprint lock has become very common these days and many mobile phone users are using this feature to protect their information from the thieves. This feature will prevent others from entering your problem unless you allow them. Click Here and take a look at some other ways of protecting your mobile phone’s information.

Security measures to guard against online identity theft

Online identity theft has become very popular these days because we’re using the internet for almost all the important tasks these days. Admissions, Registrations, Payments, and lots of other things are happening online these days because the internet has made all these things extremely easier for us and there are many other advantages of the internet that we’re going to experience in the future. But the problem is that internet has not only brought the advantages to our lives but it has also brought plenty of disadvantages that appear to be very dangerous in some cases. Online identity theft is one of the major problems that you’re going to face when you’re interacting with others on the internet. There are several cybercrime agencies working all over the world that help you keep your online information safe and secure same as the Security Guard Companies provide you the protection from criminals that are trying to harm you in the physical world. The problem with online crimes is that they are more dangerous as compared to the local crimes. Today, we’re going to take a look at some important tips that will help you keep your identity safe from hackers.


One of the best ways to stay safe in the internet world is to install a strong and powerful antivirus on your computer. The antivirus doesn’t only help you save your computer from viruses but it also helps you stay aware if someone is trying to steal some information from you when you’re online. The antivirus would send you an immediate warning if someone is trying to enter your system illegally. Similarly, this antivirus will also analyze all the files that you download from the internet and it will inform you if there is a virus in those files. There are some people who try to hack your system by sending a corrupt file to your computer so you must keep the antivirus activated on your computer so that it can inform you in case of an emergency.

Mobile Security

Mobile phones are very common these days and most of us are using mobile phones to stay in touch with the internet world. Similarly, hackers are also taking advantage of this technology to steal your personal information and use it for illegal activities. So, you must install the security apps to your mobile phone so that they can help you stay safe when you’re dealing with the internet world.

Internet provider

There are some internet providers that provide you the internet connection at lower rates as compared to the others. So, you must be very careful when buying an internet connection. And you should only buy the connection from a reliable internet provider otherwise, your personal information would be placed at a great risk. The reliable internet providers use the special security systems to help secure your data and information from the hackers. They also help you make sure that you’re free to surf the online world without any hassle.

Taking a look at the best tech and cybersecurity funds to invest in

As the world indulges deeper and deeper into the reliance of the internet and software, the need for technology and cyber security investment funds keeps scaling up. More and more investors are shifting into these ETFs as the industry grows. Below are some of the best tech and cyber security funds to invest in. Hedge fund legend Mike Novogratz betting it all on bitcoin from CNBC.   Fidelity Select IT Services Portfolio- FBSOX Since its launch in 1998, it has grown to be one of the largest funds yet. It has brought about 12% average annual returns. It invests over 80% of assets in companies that offer IT services. FBSOX has a total of 53 equities, with the top holder accounting for 68% assets. You need to have a minimum of $2500 to start investing in this fund. Its assets stand at $1.81 billion and its Year to Date performance is 18.55%.
  1. Rowe Price Global Technology Fund- (PRGTX)
This fund works best for investors who seek long-term capital growth. Due to its aggressiveness, its turnover is 100%. Since its launch in the year 2000, it has grown tremendously and currently manages assets of $5.3 billion. This fund requires a minimum of $2000 and charges $100 to add to an account. Its expense ratio is 0.90% and YTD performance 32.75%. USI Tech BTC Fund The USI Tech BTC fund started as a software product that made investors passive income through forex. Currently, investors use it to generate bitcoins. You can use it to generate one whole bitcoin by investing small amounts. It is FSA approved in about 60 countries. A package goes for around $59 and earns you approximately 1% for 140 days. As a prudent investor, you should join it as bitcoin is the best cryptocurrency and is here to stay. One bitcoin currently equals a whooping $4,838. PureFunds ISE Cyber Security ETF (HACK) This fund was launched in November 2014. It tracks ISE cyber security index with its focus on companies that develop hardware and software to protect networks, digital files, and webs from malicious attacks. Standing at 64.19%, software companies claim the larger segment of this ETF. Communication equipment companies follow at 15.12%. Its most notable holdings are:
  • FireEye Inc (FEYE) -4.91%
  • Qualys Inc (QLYS) -4.44%
  • Imperva Inc (IMPV) – 4.36%
As of May 2017, this fund held assets worth $967.5 million, with 35 stocks. It is arguably the most established fund and probably the best. Its threshold market capitalization stands at $100 million. It is ideal for short-term investors. First Trust NASDAQ Cyber Security ETF (CIBR) CIBR was launched in 2015 to keep track on the NASDAQ CTA cyber security index that puts its focus on companies that build and monitor security protocols for computers, mobile gadgets and both private and public networks. Software companies are most dominant in this fund with a total weighting of 57.6 %. Communication equipment companies come second with 18.1%. The top 3 holders are:
  • Check Point Software Technology Limited (CHKP) – 6.62%
  • Symantec Corporation (SYMC) – 6.61%
  • Cisco Systems Inc (CSCO) – 5.96%
With 30 stocks in its portfolio, this fund has over $220.5 million of assets. To invest in CIBR, the threshold is $250 million. It enjoys exposure to larger companies, hence less volatile. Growth in technology and cyber attacks has put these stocks in the spotlight. According to CSIS, cyber crime alone could cost the global economy up to $575 billion annually. That is why these markets are on a constant rise. You should, therefore, discover the one that appeals to you best and invest without a doubt.

Benefits of hiring an IT company over IT consultant

IT security companies are gaining more and more attention over the last few years. The increasing number of different cyber attacks – the most recent one being “Wanna Cry”, occurred in May – helped the cyber community to realize the necessity of hiring an IT professional. The process of interconnecting the world into a global network of communication is an inevitable process. However, the vulnerability of your information and security system has been brought under the question.

IT company or IT consultant?

it security companiesThe difference between IT company and IT consultant are significant, but hiring either party can give you the service you’re expecting to get. However, the decision of choosing a company over a consultant or vice versa isn’t an easy one. Here are some of the significant benefits of hiring an IT company over IT consultant.


An IT security company is a more reliable choice since they come as a larger team of experts from different fields of IT security. If you, by any chance, hire an IT consultant, you can expect to get only a solution that is closely related to his field of expertise. Instead of hiring several different consultants, with an IT company you get the whole team with an affordable price. An IT company can offer you several pricing options and packages, depending on your needs and the scope of work. Additionally, hiring an IT company is regulated by different contracts and agreements, which makes you more secure.


A reliable IT company is not working by themselves. They often have an extensive network of external or internal associates, that can help them (and, if you hire a company, you, too) to deal with the most challenging solutions they face. IT security is a vast area, which sometimes requires the knowledge from different sub specializations of the area. An IT consultant can cover 1-2 sub specializations, but if you tackle the question that’s beyond his expertise, you’ll probably have to hire another one.  For more on cyber security visit the 252.204-7012 resource by Nomotion. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6LDqAyfKgQ


The quantity of a team employed by an IT company is a crucial factor in gathering the information about the issue they’re hired to resolve. If you’re working with an IT consultant, he can use a limited number of perspectives when dealing with your case. Also, the advantage of having several experts from different sub specializations of cyber security lies in the fact that they can make an assessment that will cover all the critical issues before you even start working with them.it security companies

#Cost Reduction

Outsourcing a service of cyber security can be more cost effective than hiring an in-house IT consultant. As a small or medium sized company, you need to be rational in investing the money to help your business grow. Different pricing arrangements that can be made with an IT company can help you to get a premium service without worrying about the costs.

#Risk Management

An IT company certainly have a wider experience with managing cyber risks and preventing cyber attacks on your data. Although an IT consultant possesses a knowledge of any cyber risk, his methods may not be suitable for larger companies with a majority of data archives.

How Online Education Platforms Protect Students’ Data?

The online education platforms are getting more popular nowadays as compared to the physical platforms. These platforms are even providing an opportunity to the students that stopped studying in the earlier age due to some financial issues. And the most important thing why these platforms are becoming popular is that they are not charging you high tuition fee for teaching you. In fact, they are charging a small amount of money for this purpose because they do not have to prepare an environment for the students where they may sit and study. The students can now study with the help of these platforms while sitting in their bedroom or even on the train. So, what else can prevent you from continuing your studies while everything is now represented to you on a plate? So, it’s time to do something now otherwise, you’d never be able to complete your studies. There can only be one thing that can prevent you from using these online platforms and that is the protection and safety. We all know that most of the online platforms are insecure where we can lose our personal information and the scammers can use that information for illegal purposes. So, your insecurities are completely true and they need to be resolved by these online education platforms. Many online education platforms like https://www.buyonlineclass.com are making it possible for the students to stay secure when they are accessing their platform. So, let’s take a look at how these platforms protect the data of their students.


The most authentic online education platforms have installed the best quality firewall on their servers to protect the data of their students from others. The firewalls do not let any stranger access your information even if they try very hard. If any unknown IP tries to get into the server of the online platform, the firewall would immediately block that IP and a warning message would be sent to the relevant department. So, nobody can steal your data if you have joined an authentic online education platform for learning.

Physical protection

These online education platforms save your entire information in the servers that they have placed in different locations. So, you may think that what if someone steals your information from those servers? So, the good thing is that these platforms hire the special security officials to protect their servers and they also use the security cameras to keep an eye on everyone that comes near the servers. Another remarkable thing about these platforms is that they use different passwords to access the servers and they keep changing the passwords after every week or so. So, nobody can even think of stealing information from such a secure location. Here is more information about how online education platforms protect students’ data.

Online Security Measures to Take so Your Business Info is Safe

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With technological advancements, there has been a rise in the number of businesses that are conducting their business online and rely on the internet for carrying on their everyday business activities. But there are some online threats that can affect your business negatively causing major loss of important data and other problems for your business. Therefore it is important for you to know the online security measures to take to your business info is safe. It is important that your business is protected from the web threats so that it does not face internet abuse, internal security breaches and external attacks. These online security measures are very important for your business to remain safe online so that important data and information is not compromised.visit UpGestão Online security measures to take to your business info is safe includes being vigilant with the password management of your business. Thus, changing the passwords occasionally for each system and login is the best way of preventing hackers from hacking your system. You can use a password management system that enables you to take care of the different systems and its passwords so that even if one of the systems is hacked, it does not have any impact on the other systems. For more info on how to do this, you can visit UpGestão.  Your business should stress the importance of accomplishing a properly protected network so that the internet traffic can be controlled in an effective manner. Firewalls are an important part of every business as it helps in providing the highest level of security to your business and its information.  Another important online security measure that your business should adopt includes the use of encryption for protecting the financial information of your customers is very important. This will help in preventing theft when customers are using their debit and credits for carrying out online transactions. This will also help in providing secure online transactions to your customers so that they can rest assured that their financial and bank details are safe in your hands. visit UpGestãoIt is also important to keep your entire business information safe by securing it with the right kind of antivirus software so that the data and information will not be compromised. You will also need to take care of which you dispose your old systems because it might contain personal information about your customers that might be misused by the hackers. Therefore, you will need to delete all the data before disposing of the computers and laptops of your business so that you will not have to worry about anything. The key to any online security measure is making sure you’re constantly checking and adapting.  Cybercriminals get smarter each and every day, so just make sure you stay on top of what’s going on and you won’t have anything to worry about when it comes to the security of your online business.

Protecting information if you’re on a wireless connection

The Internet has become as important in our lives as oxygen or even more than that. There are people who can’t even survive without the internet because they use the internet to complete all their tasks. The Internet has made our lives easier and comfortable and there are many amazing benefits of the internet but only a few people know that there are some negative effects of the internet as well that may get you into a lot of trouble. Your personal information is always at risk when you connect your computer or any other device to the internet. Hackers are the thieves of this digital world and they can steal your personal information such as bank details, passwords, pictures etc. So, you need to take safety precautions before you connect your device to the internet. In this article, we’re going to talk about several ways that can help you protect your personal information if you’re using a wireless connection.


Using a firewall for your device is the best way to protect your personal information from hackers. The hackers won’t be able to access your device without your permission if you have a firewall installed on your device. A firewall works as a shield against the hacking attacks and it keeps you safe in all kinds of situations. There are several companies that provide firewall at affordable rates or you can even download some firewalls for free of cost. But you must keep in mind that free firewalls will fail to protect you in some severe attacks as they’re not made for those situations, while a paid firewall provides you the guarantee of proper protection in all kinds of difficult situations.


The router is the device that takes you to the world of internet. You must consider buying a router from a reliable company so that you may stay safe while you’re traveling to the world of internet. Unreliable companies don’t add extra security to their routers and some of them sell your information to others for the sake of money. So, you must buy a router from a reliable company so that your information may stay safe on the internet and the company may not deceive you at any step. We recommend that you buy the best wireless router 2017 if you want to keep your personal information hidden from others. There are some routers that come with a built-in firewall. So, you must take some time to understand the features of a router before you make a purchase.

Internet provider

You must buy a connection from a reliable internet provider. A reliable internet provider provides you static IP to travel to the world of the internet while an unreliable internet provider doesn’t care for providing you a separate path and they provide you a shared path to travel to the world of internet. This shared path is also known as the dynamic IP. You must keep all these things in mind if you want to keep your personal information safe on the internet.

Different ways people can steal your information

In today’s world of social media revolution, there are tons of ways in which people can steal your information. Here are some important ways that everyone should know in which people can steal your information.

Unsafe Websites

There are websites which can steal your identity when you buy something online. It cannot happen when you are buying from the renowned brands like Amazon or Click bank. It only happens when you buy something from a suspicious looking URL. Any web site’s URL that starts with ‘https’ is absolutely secure to buy from.

Phishing Method

The professional thief utilizes such scam methods to interpret the people through fake emails. In these emails, the intent of the reader is controlled by different fake offers.

After reading such scam emails, the innocent people get driven to fill the information such as bank account numbers and personal addresses. If someone offers you a free prize on email then don’t put the information blindly and try to stay secure.


The computer unethical hackers steal the information of the people by hacking into different security systems. Once they hack the system, they can easily get information out of the system and can control the security systems and spy cameras as well. That’s why it’s vital to have a quality security system and spy cameras in place in order to best thwart the bad guys in the first place.  You can take a look at different spy camera reviews available at USpyStore.com.


Skimming happens when someone installs a device into your credit card reader with the intent to steal the PIN details. Try to prevent the ATM card reader machine which has a different shape as compared to the regular shape.


Pretexting is a method of stealing the required personal details by calling the bank and introducing a fake company name. The thieves use this method to get the information of bank accounts by using different company names to the operator. If you get any new transaction text or some other new initiated activity which you didn’t start, contact the bank as soon as possible.

Dumpster Diving

The idea behind this method is to steal information from the trash. As every credit card mail eventually goes into the trash, the thieves search your bank details in such trash.

A Short Guide On The Importance And The Aspects Of Internet Security

With the ever increasing risks of the malware threats that is affecting the cyber security of many global countries of the world, it is really important for the countries that fall in the continent of Asia, to learn to protect their devices from the malicious effects of the virus, especially the newly popped-up ransomware like WannaCry or Petya. Since, Asia is the home of the third world countries; the economic sectors of these countries are extremely vulnerable to the threat of the viruses. If any sector is paralyzed or affected by the malicious interference of the viruses, the result can be disastrous for the economy. Implementing the proper means of cyber security can actually help in the growth and development of a country’s economy up to a great extent. Imagine how it will affect you if your device gets hacked by a malicious external program, uprooting of which can cost you a good amount of fortune and creating a big hole in your pocket. Sound scary, right? Well it is, and imagine, how the same thing, on a bigger scale can affect the economy of a whole Asian country. The countries will take a lot of time to mend the hole. Therefore, you can jolly well understand the need of a proper cyber security platform to protect the data on the devices and refrain them from getting on the hand of the unethical hackers, who might eventually turn up to be working with your venture competitors. Below are certain aspects through which you can easily create a well-structured cyber security platform to secure the data on the devices. Dig in to know more:

  • Always make sure that the firewall is turned on while you are working on your computing devices like desktops, laptops, mobile phones and tablets. Also disable all the unimportant applications which may or may not be included in the firewall package.
  • Do not allow any external links to enter your computer’s internal structure, because most of them are malwares that hamper the entire working system of the device. Some of them even create a smooth path for the unknown viruses to enter the devices without even notifying the user.
  • Never rely upon a single source of protection, which are offered by the OS manufacturing companies in the form of in-built protection servers which control the device’s communication with the internet.
  • Quit using the free packet-filtering services from the providers of the internet services. The packet-filters have the feature of layering the in-built firewall protection and hampering it to a great extent.
  • Try to record the IP addresses of the source of the links from which they are being broadcasted.
  • Never allow for a clear text authentication of the passwords.
  • When you are to download anything from the internet, safeguard your computer by turning on the essential tools that can secure your device against any inappropriate code or material.